Our legs have brought us to places; the kitchen, to the room next door, to our dream destination — to places beyond imaginable! To further enjoy what life has to offer, rest days and recuperations are very much needed, and our feet are not exceptions to the rule. Compression socks offer a wide variety of benefits for our legs. This groundbreaking invention has led its way to become a necessity.

It can be traced back to the 1950s wherein compression garments such as the ones for the arms and calves were first used for those with varicose problem, but it was only in 1980s where compression socks were used for sports. The first athletes to wear compression socks were runners. Using compression socks helped them recover by increasing oxygen delivery and blood flow which ultimately prevent soft tissue damage. The compression helps elevate the performance of the athletes. Moreso, compression socks became open to the public market.

Compression socks are the socks of the new era providing more than just keeping the feet warm and dry, it also applies a science-based compression. Compression socks are stretchable but at the same time snuggly fit to the legs. With this gentle amount of pressure, it helps improve blood flow throughout the body by the blood vessels to the heart.

Because of its several advantages, compression socks are extremely being sought after. The list below shows the advantages and uses of compression socks:

1. Promotes circulation in the legsBest Compression Socks Australia
2. Decreases swelling in target areas of the legs and ankles
3. Prevents blood pooling in the veins
4. Prevents deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins in the legs
5. Manages blow pressure during long period of time of sitting or standing.
6. Gives ultimate warmth and comfort to the legs
7. Absorbs sweat just like any regular socks
8. Provides protection to the feet.

Compression socks are so versatile and may come in any specifications but regardless of that, generally, they offer the same benefits as listed above. One may opt to increase or customize their compression socks according to their liking, may it be in design, raw material used or any other extra characteristics. The guide below may help determining the types of compression socks that are for you.

1. Graduate Compression. Graduated compression socks are best fit at the ankles then slightly loosens up to the knee. Considering this one may require a prescription from the doctor, graduate compression socks are recommended for those who have peripheral edema or orthostatic hypotension.

2. Anti-Embolism Socks. Anti-embolism socks are somewhat similar to graduate compression socks having that tighter compression on the ankles and a little less compression going up to the knee. However, anti-embolism socks are made from elastic which can either be up to the knee or up to the thighs. It relieves bloods clots and prevent the legs veins from expanding. This is best for those who are not mobile and reducing deep vein thrombosis but getting one may require a prescription from the doctor.

3. Non-Medical Support Hosiery. Non-medical support hosiery is the almost available over the counter and there is no need of prescription. Generally, it offers the same compression throughout the stocking and best for relieving tired and achy legs.
Considering the different types of compression socks, one has not to get into trouble to get one. Compression socks are not exclusively for medical patients, anyone may opt to get one.

Compression Socks are Best Fit for the Following:

Athletes. Considering their bodies are heavily reliant on physical activities and those exercises that need the legs, athletes need to have proper flow and oxygen while working out. The best part is compression socks may also be used post-workout to help speed up recovery.

Pregnant Women. Pregnant women carry a lot of weight in them, and they are prone to welling of their legs, feet or ankles. Using compression socks will help them reduce swelling and support them for long period of standing and avoiding those varicose veins.

Airplane Passengers or Crew. The pressure in the stratosphere is a lot to bear during flights, thus for frequent travelers, compression socks may help in the increase of circulation of the blood and reduce rick of developing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots.

Long Hours of Standing and Walking. The legs greatly support our bodies and using them over long period of time can be very tiring and aching. Compression socks help relieve that fatigue and pain. Compression socks reduce swelling and promotes the blood flow in the body.

People Who Are Prone to Deep Vein Thrombosis or Varicose Veins. Because pressure is involved, the expansion or swelling of the vein can be limited making it a best prevention to having blood clots or circulation problems

Before getting into having your very own compression socks, there are a few considerations for you to have the most compatible compression socks.

Size. The feet come in different sizes, so it is most appropriate to choose the one that fits the length and even width of your feet.

Length. Compression socks may be up to the things, knee, calves or even the ankles. Choose the one that targets the body part that you are most worried about.

Materials. The type of material dictates a wide variety of the sock’s characteristics from it elasticity, eco-friendliness and even anti-bacteria properties. Some compression socks are more breathable and more moisture absorbent as well. Materials used may be spandex, nylon, polyester, etc.

Fit or Compression Level. Some compression socks are labelled with their compression level. This helps you identify how comfortable you could also be by wearing it. Some ranges are 15-25 mm Hg, 10-15 mm Hg, or 20-30 mm Hg. The higher the numbers, the more compression it offers.

Design. Now with everything being considered and the objectives of being a compression sock answered, it is now time to consider the design of your choice. Compression socks now come in solid colors, patters, or even print. It is important to consider for what occasion the socks are for and more importantly what really speaks to you.

More to just giving comfort, help better performance in any activity and help prevent medical conditions, this dynamic duo pair works as a miracle.

Compression socks are your ultimate life buddies supporting you with your daily activities silently working like a magic. Get to be that healthy and best version of yourself with these secret weapons- the compression socks!