A Knee Pillow is a specialty pillow specifically designed to conform to the shape and form of the area between the knees. When placed between the knees, it helps align the spine, all the way to the hips, preventing unnecessary headache and body pains. It also comfortably supports the body joints and muscles.

It is an innovative pillow featuring a well-designed cushion to help you be comfortable as you sleep. Along with the breathable cover, it helps heal sore muscles by naturally aligning the core when sleeping. All these give you an energized sleep, pumped up for the next day’s activities.

How Does A Knee Pillow Work?

Sleep is utilised by the body to rest, giving it time to recharge and heal sore muscles and joints. Studies show that most people sleep on their side. In this sleeping position, there is a tendency that knees can bump to each other and cause an injury. A knee pillow is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit between the knees and legs to prevent them from bumping to each other while sleeping.

Having the appropriate distance provided by the knee pillow between the legs, proper spine alignment is gently achieved. This can reduce strain along the neck, lower back, hip and joints. Aside from this, there is better blood circulation while resting. All these can make waking up feeling so energized!

A knee pillow may be small but is all about giving enormous benefits for the body and mind.

Aside from the great benefits for sleep and posture, knee pillows are also helpful in preventing injuries that can happen while sleeping. They keep the knees from bumping with each other, so discomfort and inconvenience of nursing an injury can be avoided.

What Can Our Knee Pillows Give You?

Knee pillows function like an ordinary pillow that provides cushion and comfort while ergonomically intended to be used on the lower body. With the memory foam feature, they perfectly conform to the contour of the lower body making it a great support as you sleep, while retaining its shape overtime. Unlike the conventional rectangular pillow, knee pillows are designed with groves and crescent clearance to ensure comfort and ease while resting as they can conform properly to the shape of lower limbs.

Perfect for sleeping sideways, knee pillows support not only the knees but all body parts along the spine. Sleeping with it also prevents injuries by putting a distance between the knees, something that can become serious if it happens and not only can it disturb your rest but may cause prolonged pain greatly.

Why Choose Our Knee Pillow

It is recommended that while sleeping, the spine is aligned along with the rest of the upper body so that one can feel more rested and energised, without the body ache and sore feeling the next day.

Sleeping with the aid of a knee or leg pillow placed in between the knees can help align the spine. With its ergonomic design, it can conform well to the shape of the knees so that it serves its purpose and does not cause discomfort.

Using a knee pillow can also maintain the body from falling hard on one side to prevent body aches. Not only can a knee or a leg pillow help with this, it can also prevent injuries from happening while sleeping through the night. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and of course being injured may cause temporary discomfort or permanent damage to the tissues and joints in the knees.

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