• Ankle Strap Compression Sock
  • Ankle Strap Compression Sock

Ankle Strap Compression Sock

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Give your ankle the support it needs with the Ankle Strap Compression Sock. Perfectly designed to stabilize the foot for support, this ankle wrap gives extra protection for your foot. Furthermore, it can also relieve pain from Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and other ankle problems.

The wrap-around design makes this ankle support easy to wear and adjust – plus, just buying one can be worn interchangeably on either foot! The strap might be slim and minimal, it’s still thick enough to provide appropriate compression and support.

This simple but effective strap is easy to use, reusable, and easy to clean. Made from quality materials, you’ll surely get the comfort for your aching ankle.

Why Buy Our Ankle Strap Compression Sock?

✔ COMFORTABLE PROTECTION — keeps the ankle stable while keeping the whole foot at a comfortable position with mobility;

✔ MAINTAINED BLOOD CIRCULATION — does not impede circulation to the foot;

✔ OPEN-TOE AND OPEN-HEEL — your foot is not likely to feel heat while keeping the support on;

✔ EASY TO USE — simply use fit on the foot and use the straps to adjust to provide customised fit and support;

✔ GOOD , DURABLE QUALITY — support the foot even while doing any activities;

✔ COMFORTABLE — breathable and soft on the feet, easy to put on; and

✔ LIGHT AND BREATHABLE — can be worn while doing daily activities while preventing sore, achy feet inside your favorite footwear

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New
Material — Neoprene
Design — Low cut and open-toed
Purpose — Ankle Support, Compression
Gender — Unisex
Color — Black
Size — One size (Adjustable)

When to Wear Compression Socks

Compression socks can be worn all day and taken off before going to bed. They can be worn while traveling or at work as they are lightweight.

Soreness and fatigue can be prevented by wearing compression socks, drinking lots of water, and moving about/changing positions whenever possible.

How To Take Care of Compression Socks

Compression socks are just like any other pair of socks. They are washable. Be sure that they are thoroughly dry before using again to ensure comfort and prevent germs from clinging to them.

It is recommended to buy at least 2 pairs of compression socks if you are planning to wear them daily so that you can wash and dry them in between uses.

Looking for longer compression socks? We recommend this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who could benefit from wearing ankle strap?

Answer: People who want to support and maintain ankle position to relieve pain and soreness.

Question: It’s my first time wearing an ankle wrap, what should I expect?

Answer: You may find them uncomfortable to wear throughout the day, which is normal, so it’s alright to take them off to let your foot be “wrap-free” for sometime.

Question: How’s your product different from the others in the market?
Answer: We bring you high quality brace and support products. Our posture corrector is effective, functional, and does not limit the movement of the body allowing the wearer to lead a normal, everyday routine.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?
Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days.

Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.
For further FAQs, please check this page.

4 reviews for Ankle Strap Compression Sock

  1. Jake A.

    The figure 8 velcro strap is the fundamental component of this ankle brace. By adjusting the strap’s tension, you can adjust the compression to your preferences. The strap is very simple to wrap around the brace and has plenty of extra material. My ankle felt incredibly supported by it. I was able to wear it all day because of the open toe. Greatly helped with my twisted ankle.

  2. Christian G.

    My ankle hurts from working on a day that involved several stairs. This aids me with my sleep. It doesn’t feel overly restricting. It’s also not too hot. I would advise.

  3. Bryce T.

    This compression brace has done wonders for my ankle. Just the ideal degree of compression. I don’t limp when I wear it, and it reduces swelling and, most importantly, it stops the pain.

  4. Vern H.

    Product is well manufactured and has decent support. The band is appropriately wide.

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