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Lower Back Comfort Travel Pillow

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The ideal companion for travelers seeking ease lower back and stiffness is the Lower Back Comfort Travel Pillow. This cushion, which is made of high-density memory foam, adapts to your unique shape to give your lumbar region ergonomic support. It is simple to maintain clean and fresh thanks to the detachable and washable cover.

Take this cushion to use in your car for a trip to the office, subsequent flight, or train travel to ensure your level of comfort. The portable, lightweight design makes it simple to transport, and the adjustable strap easily fastens the pillow to your seat so your back has the support you need the whole trip.

With the Lower Back Comfort Travel Pillow, you can say goodbye to lower back pain and discomfort and say hi to enjoying the journey!

Why Buy Our Lower Back Comfort Travel Pillow?

✔ ALLEVIATE LOWER BACK PAIN AND DISCOMFORT — designed to be ergonomic to reduce discomfort and lower back pain;
✔ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL — made with high-density memory foam that adapts to your body contour and offers tailored support to the lumbar region;
✔ VERSATILE — can be used when traveling or when doing tasks requiring long periods of sitting;
✔ EASY TO USE — the adjustable strap makes it possible to be secured to your seat and provide the support you need while in transit;
✔ SIMPLE TO TRANSPORT – portable and lightweight, easily carry this travel pillow by looping the strap around the handle of your bag;
✔ USEFUL SIDE POCKET – handy for keeping small items like mobile phones, keys, tickets and even sweets for on-the-go quick needs; and
✔ DETACHABLE COVER – mesh cover is removable and washable, easy to maintain clean and fresh.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Material — High Quality Memory Foam and Mesh Cover
Purpose — Posture Correction and Back Support
Colour — Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Pink
Size — 34cm x 32cm x 12cm
Type — Travel Pillow/Cushion
Texture — Soft and Comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can our lower back support travel pillow provide you?

Answer: Our travel pillow can give comfort from sitting for long periods, especially when traveling

Question: How are your pillow products different from the others in the market?

Answer:  Our pillows are made with high quality materials and are carefully chosen to meet your comfort needs. Whether you are looking for a bamboo pillow, pregnancy pillow, knee pillow, leg pillow, pillow pad, or any standard pillow, we all have that for you.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

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5 reviews for Lower Back Comfort Travel Pillow

  1. Ian Shanks

    game changer, has reinforced better posture; I’ll probably purchase another one to keep in my car for lengthy road trips. In addition to exercises and stretching, these items helps me in stationary tasks, which I perform more frequently than anything else, and is of extremely good quality and assistance to anyone trying to improve their posture.

  2. Leah White

    I purchased this pillow so that I could sit more upright in my car. It most certainly does that, but what surprised me was how cozy it is.

  3. M Gillespie

    Incredibly cozy and excellent for supporting the back. For work, I have to sit next to this all day, and I honestly forget it’s there. It enables me to have a straight posture. The only drawback is that it can feel warm after prolonged use, but this is easily fixed by taking a 5-minute rest or standing for some time.

  4. Heather A. T.

    I appreciate that the straps used to secure the support to a chair are adjustable.

  5. Walter Carson

    This item is fantastic. It has kept my lower back from hurting when I drive every day. I was in excruciating pain, and this experience changed my life. It also made me feel great when I was driving. I spent 13 hours behind the wheel, and my back handled the journey just fine. Highly suggested!!!

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