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Maternity Pillow

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The Maternity Pillow is intended to provide abdominal support and also assists in easing body aches, neck pain, pressure points, fatigue, and water retention. It works nicely as a regular pillow or cushion during pregnancy as well as a nursing pillow.

It’s important to get enough sleep while pregnant. Growing results from a peaceful process of bonding between the mother and the infant. A great pregnancy pillow is necessary for getting enough sleep for ideal nurture! The Maternity Pillow was designed specifically to support the expanding body of a pregnant lady. This pregnancy pillow eases maternity discomfort while supporting the body. With the use of the most breathable materials, it can be worn after giving birth. Throughout the entire growth phase, it is your ally!

Best also for anyone who wants to get better sleep because pillows don’t always have to be rectangle-shaped! What’s great as well is the two “wings” can be detached when you only need 1 of it or need to adjust the distance between them!

Why Buy Our Maternity Pillow?

✔ COMFORTABLE — lightweight and breathable;

✔ ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR COMFORT — adjust the width using the hook-and-loop system in accordance with the expansion of the waist.;

✔ ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED — perfectly supports the body while sleeping;

✔ EASY TO WASH — worry-free about scratches thanks to the invisible zipper, design is also simple to put together, remove and wash;

✔ MADE OF HIGH QUALITY — state-of-the-art materials made to last long; and

✔ VERSATILE — can be used by anyone looking for a relaxing time on the bed, couch or even on the floor!

Item Specifications:

Dimensions — 60cm (whole length) x 30cm (width), 25cm (wing pillow size)
Material — Polyester Fibre Filling, 100% Cotton Cover
Colour — Pink/Green/Grey/Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can our pregnancy pillow give you?

Answer: Our pregnancy pillow is intended to provide support, comfort, and security for mums in various sleeping positions and their bumps, most especially for those who are used to sleeping on their stomach and back.

Question: How’s your pillow products different from the others in the market?

Answer:  Our pillows are made with high quality materials and are carefully chosen to meet your comfort needs. Whether you are looking for a bamboo pillow, pregnancy pillow, knee pillow, leg pillow, pillow pad, or any standard pillow, we all have that for you.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

See more of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

3 reviews for Maternity Pillow

  1. Kevin Edwards

    As she enters the fourth month of her pregnancy, my wife’s growing belly is beginning to interfere with her ability to sleep at night. She requested this pillow, so I gave it to her, and she is now sleeping much better.

  2. Shaun W.

    Wife is a fan. The only thing she wants is for it to be fluffier. Probably will puff out as she uses it more.

  3. M.A. Hilton

    It’s fantastic. I only gave it 4 stars because I wanted it to be somewhat more full-bodied.

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