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Ergonomic Mouse Pad


12 Available Each Colour

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Experience ultimate comfort and precision with our Ergonomic Mouse Pad, designed to enhance your productivity whether gaming or working. This cushioned mouse pad features an expanded wrist rest that provides superior support, reducing the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome. The additional padding ensures your hand and wrist stay comfortable, even during extended use.

Crafted with a smooth, breathable fabric, this mouse pad allows for accurate mouse tracking while keeping your hand cool and comfortable. Its portable design makes it easy to take your ergonomic setup wherever you go, while the non-slip EVA base ensures stability on any surface. Ideal for office work or gaming sessions, this mouse pad combines functionality with comfort.

Why Buy Our Ergonomic Mouse Pad?

ERGONOMIC DESIGN — Tailored for comfort, reducing wrist strain and enhancing productivity. Promotes a healthier posture by aligning your hand and forearm naturally.

CUSHIONED SUPPORT — Extra padding offers prolonged comfort during long working or gaming hours, minimizing the risk of carpel tunnel and other strain-related discomforts.

BREATHABLE MATERIAL — Keeps your hand cool and comfortable, ensuring smooth movements and reducing sweat build-up over long periods of use.
NON-SLIP EVA BASE — Ensures the mouse pad stays firmly in place on any surface, providing the stability needed for precise mouse movements.
PORTABILITY — Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to work or play from anywhere, supporting your wrist posture on-the-go.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Type — Ergonomic EVA Mouse Pad
Size — 18 * 23 cm
Material — EVA
Available Colors — Black, Grey, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink, Light Blue
Weight — 20gm
Features — High-quality, Portable, Ultra-thin, Ergonomic design, Durable, Breathable, EVA base, Widely used, Cushioned

Frequently Asked Questions About Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Question: How does this mouse pad support better posture?
Answer: By providing ergonomic wrist support, it aligns your hand and forearm in a natural position, reducing strain and promoting better overall posture.

Question: Can this mouse pad be used for both gaming and office work?
Answer: Its design caters to precise mouse tracking for gaming and comfortable wrist support for typing and other office tasks.

Question: Is the mouse pad easy to clean?
Answer: The smooth fabric top layer can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making maintenance simple.

Question: Will the mouse pad slip on smooth surfaces?
Answer: he anti-slip EVA base is designed to grip firmly onto any desktop surface, ensuring your mouse pad stays in place.

Question: What makes this mouse pad different from others on the market?
Answer: Its combination of ergonomic design for wrist support, breathability for comfort, portability for convenience, and a firm grip base sets it apart as a versatile choice for any user.


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