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Foot Sleeve Compression Socks


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The Foot Sleeve Compression Sock, the ultimate solution for preventing and supporting sports and work-related injuries. Crafted with circular knitting construction, this sleeve offers high compression for stabilization and enhanced blood circulation.

Experience the benefits of our Foot Sleeve Compression Sock—an essential for active individuals seeking reliable support and comfort for their ankles.

Why Buy Our Foot Sleeve Compression Socks?

✔ ENHANCED STABILITY — Crafted with circular knitting construction, providing high compression for optimal stabilization and support;
✔ EASY APPLICATION — Four-way stretch design allows for effortless putting on and taking off;
✔ VENTILATED COMFORT — Knitting construction ensures free ventilation, keeping your foot cool and comfortable;
✔ MAXIMUM SUPPORT — Offers maximum comfort, compression, heat therapy, and support to the ankle; and
✔ PROMOTES RECOVERY — Promotes blood circulation, reduces PAIN AND SWELLING, and speeds up recovery for a quicker return to activity.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Material — Nylon, Spandex
Purpose — Arch Support, Arthritis, Compression, Immobilisation, Plantar Fasciitis, Stabilisation
Colour — Black/Red
Size — Length: 23cm, Diameter: 10cm
Type — Compression Sleeve, Foot Sleeve
Texture — Soft and Comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can compression sock help improve posture?
Answer: Indirectly by promoting alignment and stability in the lower body.

Question: Can I wear it all day?
Answer: Yes, it’s designed for extended wear with breathable material for comfort.

Question: How do I wash it?
Answer: Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry.


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