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Magnetic Posture Corrector

(22 customer reviews)

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Our Magnetic Posture Corrector is effective by providing full back support and is considered one of the best posture correctors in the market today. It is integrated with therapeutic magnets that help you correct bad posture and mitigate the symptoms you feel, such as lower and upper back pains, shoulder discomfort, and neck pains. It does this by applying a gentle pressure by pulling the shoulders back, reminding the wearer to keep shoulders back, neck straight, and head up.

Practically, this posture corrector is a great device to use if your work involves sitting or standing for long periods. This can be comfortably worn under your clothes. Putting this on will keep you reminded that you should have a proper sitting position or should stand straight.

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Why Buy Our Magnetic Posture Corrector?

OVERALL POSTURE CORRECTION — an effective way to improve your whole body posture.

MAGNETIC THERAPY — with ten (10) high energetic magnets which contact the spine and lumbar regions; therapeutic and helps you relieve back pain easily.

DURABLE AND STURDY— made of lightweight material that is breathable and comfortable use, but has the capacity to hold your back from slouching.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE — easy to put on and fully adjustable.

BACK PAIN RELIEF — tested and proven way to effectively relieve back pain.

DAILY USE — can be used anytime, anywhere; suitable for office employees, teenagers and anyone who have bad seating and walking habits; can easily fit underneath a shirt and is suitable for use in a variety of settings and activities.

BEST FITNESS INVESTMENT — if you believe that health and fitness is wealth, this is one of the best investments you can have.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Material — High Quality Neoprene
Gender — Unisex
Purpose — Posture Correction and Back Support
Colour — White, Black, Nude
Size — S, M, L, XL, XXL
Type — Brace/Orthosis
Texture — Soft

Size Reference:
Size Fits Waist Size Flat Length Strap Length
S 65cm—77cm (25.59″—30.31″) 80cm (31.49″) 32cm—45cm (12.59″—17.72″)
M 77cm—88cm (30.31″—34.65″) 90cm (35.43″) 33cm—47.8cm (12.99″—18.81″)
L 88cm—98cm (34.65″—38.58″) 98cm (38.58″) 35cm—48cm (13.78″—18.90″)
XL 92cm—105.2cm (36.22″—41.43″) 102cm (40.16″) 39cm—51.5cm (15.35″—20.28″)
XXL 110cm—120cm (43.30″—47.24″) 120cm (47.24″) 42cm—55cm (16.53″—21.65″)
How To Wear A Posture Corrector With Adjustable Straps

1. Loosen and un-tape all the adjustable straps.

2. Stand up straight and straighten your back, attempting to get to your best posture (the first few times, standing up against a wall can help).

3. With your back erect, put the brace on and fasten/tighten any straps so that the brace has a small amount of tension/tightness against your body. Typically, there are two strap ends, that can both be held and fastened by both hands simultaneously and one at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does posture corrector helps improve body posture?

Answer: By training your body to stand straighter;  this will help you to gradually improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles.

Question: How’s your product different from the others in the market?

Answer: We bring you high quality posture brace and support products. Our posture corrector is effective, functional, and does not limit the movement of the body allowing the wearer to lead a normal, everyday routine.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

For further FAQs, please check this page.

Additional information

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22 reviews for Magnetic Posture Corrector

  1. Christian M.

    Great deal. It really helps my neck and back from fatigue when sitting at my computer. When I use it, it seems like someone or something is strengthening my shoulder and trying to pull my back and should up and straight. I started wearing this back brace when doing things, and I have noticed less back pain.

  2. Nikka Gimenez

    Gave this as a retirement gift for our head nurse. She asked where I bought it and said it was one of the best and most helpful things she has. I was honestly scared it might not arrive on-time for the party, but it arrived two earlier than I expected! I definitely will get one again!

  3. H. Ranzick

    My doctor recommended this when I heard my back crack. He said it’s a great way for prevention of back injuries. Whenever I bend, I would feel scared because I might not be able to stand up straight again. But this is my magic wand, and I don’t feel like losing it anytime soon

  4. Jayla Mercado

    I love how this support encompasses my stomach. I feel secured using it and I can feel the straps really pulling my muscle to keep a posture. If you don’t really have time for yoga or do other activities for posture, then I highly recommend this!

  5. Tara H.

    Hey good news! It arrived in my mailbox today. Thanks so much for the follow up and taking so much care. Really appreciated. Have a lovely week and warm regards

  6. Tara

    Hey good news! It arrived in my mailbox today. Thanks so much for the follow up and taking so much care. Really appreciated. Have a lovely week and warm regards,

  7. Kim

    Thank you very much for your assistance and fantastic customer service, it has been a pleasure dealing with your company.

  8. Tyler Norriss

    Great product, really helps my posture. I have been working on exercises to strengthen my posture mussels but this brace is just what I was looking for for the final push.

  9. Brodie Stoate

    This magnetic posture brace started working the instant I put it on. The brace firmly but slightly, then holds you shoulders and back into place to help keep you from slouching forward. It also a leaved some of the upper back and neck pains I had. I recommend this brace to anyone suffering bad posture issues!

  10. Wenworth

    Affordable and easy to use!

  11. Claire

    Works great for back pain relief and straightening! I just did not notice I bought the wrong size, so takes time wear and adjust every time.

  12. Eddie Riveiro

    Works great and helpful!

  13. Abraham

    It’s very easy to use, keep my body to maintain the correct gesture all day.

  14. Michael Brodie

    Super easy to use. Really works. I keep usibg this almost one week. It does what it says it does. Hold your shoulders back to proper posture.The fabric and material is soft. And it feels like it’s like it’s making a lasting different in my posture. More confident when I have it.

  15. Austin

    The brace is great for the money and posture. I wish the back support was a little thicker and more heavy duty but for the price it’s not bad. Instead of being heavy duty and not allowing your muscles to learn the right position it helps your muscles with muscle memory and helps them learn the correct posture.

  16. Mac Miller

    Did quite a bit of shopping around before I bought this brace, and honestly I am very pleased with the product. This one was comparable to some others with twice the price tag, so I was concerned the quality may be a little below par. However, I could not be more wrong as the quality is great. Very sturdy, and provides more support than anticipated actually. Comfortable too.

  17. Margaret Pean

    I ordered the size according to the size guide but the one I ordered was too big so I’d suggest ordering the size below what the guide suggests.

  18. John S. Webber

    It made me aware that I should always have correct posture. Personally, I used to be very good at this as I was a dancer for many years during my teenage years and as the years have gone by, my body has just gotten used to being in a relaxed state no matter what I’m doing.

  19. Celine

    Helpful website as it gives an easy guide how to wear this corrector!

  20. Archer Clubbe

    Good materials and good price.

  21. Noah

    First, I saw this product while my friend using it. And I asked what it was. He explained to me. After that, I decided to try, and I started to use the product after receiving it. It really works.

  22. Mark C.

    My wife has been complaining for years about my poor posture. So I thought why not, what could hurt. Well I feel absolutely amazing even after wearing for the shortest time. I have noticed the huge impact it made on my upper back and neck. I am starting to sit straighter and be more conscious about my posture. Thumbs up to this product and would definitely recommend to others!

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