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Neck Support Bath Pillow

Original price was: $67.95.Current price is: $47.99.


Transform your bath into a luxurious spa experience with our Premium Neck Support Bath Pillow.

Crafted with advanced 3D Mesh technology, this pillow offers unparalleled comfort and support for your head, neck, shoulders, and back. Its breathable design ensures quick drying and resistance to mold and mildew, providing you with a hygienic and refreshing bath experience every time.

Why Buy Our Neck Support Bath Pillow?

ERGONOMIC DESIGN — Cradles your head, neck, shoulders, and back for optimal comfort.

IMPROVES POSTURE — Supports proper alignment, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.

QUICK-DRYING & HYGIENIC — D Mesh material allows water and air to flow through, preventing mold and mildew.

LUXURIOUS COMFORT — Soft, cushioned feel enhances your relaxation in the bath, pool, or beach.

PERFECT GIFT — Ideal for birthdays, housewarmings, and bridal parties, making every occasion special.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Colour — White
Material — 3D Mesh
Size — 36 x 30 x 9 cm
Care Instructions — Anti-microbial, resists mold and mildew. Easy to clean and quick to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does the bath pillow support good posture?
Answer: The ergonomic design ensures that your head, neck, and shoulders are properly aligned, reducing strain and promoting better posture during your bath.

Question: Is the bath pillow resistant to mold and mildew?
Answer: The 3D Mesh material is anti-microbial and allows water and air to flow through, preventing mold and mildew.

Question: How do I clean the bath pillow?
Answer: Simply rinse with water and let it air dry. The quick-drying mesh technology makes maintenance easy.

Question: Can I use the bath pillow in a swimming pool or at the beach?
Answer: The pillow is versatile and perfect for use in the bath, swimming pool, or at the beach.

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