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Original Posture Brace Corrector

(27 customer reviews)

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If it’s your first time to use a posture corrector, we recommend Original Posture Brace Corrector. It is lightweight and very easy to wear. It is padded to prevent skin irritation yet breathable. The straps are wide enough so as not to dig deep into your skin. The Velcro straps are adjustable so it fits most body types and sizes. You can start by wearing it for a couple of hours everyday. It’s actually one of our best sellers.

It is expected to gradually train your back to align properly so you abandon the tendency to slouch. It provides the right amount of support for the back, without it being that bulky.

This posture corrector is also recommended for those who work on their desk for a long period of time. By putting this on, you’ll have a constant reminder that you should sit or stand straight. In effect, this device does not only alleviate back pains but is also the best way to avoid and suffer from a bad posture in the future.

Looking for a full back support? We recommend this for you.

Original Posture Corrector

Why Buy Our Original Posture Brace?

OVERALL POSTURE CORRECTION — an effective way to improve your whole body posture; gradually corrects bad posture and strengthen back muscles.

BACK PAIN RELIEF — tested and proven way to effectively relieve back pain.

BEST FITNESS INVESTMENT — if you believe that health and fitness is wealth, this is one of the best investments you can have.

LIGHTWEIGHT — lightweight and comfortable; wearing this does not limit the movement of your body and allows you to lead a normal, everyday routine.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE — easy to put on and adjustable (adjustment from 71cm to 122cm or 28 to 48 inches).

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL — made of thin and lightweight material that is breathable and has sweat-absorption capacity resulting to a comfortable use.

DAILY  USE — can be used anytime, anywhere; suitable for office employees, teenagers and anyone who have bad seating and walking habits.

INVISIBLE — thin and discreet, can easily fit underneath a shirt and is suitable for use in a variety of settings and activities.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Material — High Quality Neoprene
Gender — Unisex
Purpose — Posture Correction and Back Support
Colour — Black
Size — Free Size
Type — Brace/Orthosis
Texture — Soft

Size Reference:

Fully Adjustable — From 71cm to 122cm or 28 inches to 48 inches (Chest Circumference)

How To Wear A Posture Corrector With Adjustable Straps

1. Loosen and un-tape all the adjustable straps.

2. Stand up straight and straighten your back, attempting to get to your best posture (the first few times, standing up against a wall can help).

3. With your back erect, put the brace on and fasten/tighten any straps so that the brace has a small amount of tension/tightness against your body. Typically, there are two strap ends, that can both be held and fastened by both hands simultaneously and one at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does posture corrector helps improve body posture?

Answer: By training your body to stand straighter;  this will help you to gradually improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles.

Question: How’s your product different from the others in the market?

Answer: We bring you high quality posture brace and support products. Our posture corrector is effective, functional, and does not limit the movement of the body allowing the wearer to lead a normal, everyday routine.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

For further FAQs, please check this page.

Additional information

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27 reviews for Original Posture Brace Corrector

  1. Becca Keller

    I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is at a desk on a computer for most of their day.

  2. Sam Klink

    This product works exactly as described. It provides just enough support to help correct shoulder slumping and rounding, something that’s a chronic issue for any of us who work at a desk, and/or use a computer all day. Best of all, when properly adjusted, one tends to forget that they’re even wearing it after a few hours. I am satisfied with this product.

  3. Anna Lopez

    I love how wearing this makes me sit up straight so my belly rolls won’t show.

  4. Karina Ortega

    Purchased this over a week ago since it was on sale. I bought it for a much cheaper price but comfort it gives me is more than what I paid for! Definitely such a steal!

  5. Gabriel S.

    Thank you for the kind message. My item arrived very shortly after I sent my initial late parcel email. I am very satisfied with the product I ordered and will be recommending it to any in need of something similar.

  6. Callum Bain

    I’m so glad to have come across this product! I didn’t even know these existed! I wish I’d found out about this sooner! I wear this about 6-8 hours a day. It is very comfortable, doesn’t restrict any movement, and best of all, helps correct my posture.

  7. Zachary

    I purchased this product recently since I’m sitting in front of a computer all day and it’s helped so much with my back. Im getting another one for my wife since she also has back aches.

  8. Emilio S.

    Arrived on time within the estimated delivery period. Fits my back properly. Thanks.

  9. Alexa G.

    Lightweight and saves me some space in my bag when I travel. A great buy than those bulky ones.

  10. C.K. James

    Really works. Slowly, my back pain is lessened.

  11. Nicholas Norway

    My only gripe is that one of the straps twists a bit and doesn’t sit flush with the buckle (gets bunched up at the corners) but it doesn’t effect the brace significantly.

  12. William

    There is really a big difference when I started wearing this. Great job and thanks for the speedy postage!

  13. Gregory D.

    They say promises are meant to be broken, not this product, yo! This is effective. Great discovery for me, so Imma give myself a pat on the back coz back pain is gone.

  14. Pearson

    I ordered your posture corrector and the moment I put it on my posture was perfect. I now have a constant reminder to stand up straight with your lightweight, comfortable product. I would advise anyone with a poor posture problem to try this product. I’m sure they will be satisfied.

  15. J. Pears

    What I love most about this product is it’s easy to wear, which is really great because I live alone. I can feel some pulling tension on my shoulders which reminds me to straighten my back. I am looking forward to the day that even if I don’t wear it my back will be automatically aligned on its own.

  16. Peter Parramore

    Used properly, it definitely pulls my shoulders back and “forces” good posture. I think the idea is that your muscle memory will eventually change enough that you can naturally stay in this position without it, but only time will tell. Overall good and functional product.

  17. Chris Schlink

    Simple solution to my slouching! Very good product!

  18. Sam C.

    It provides just enough support to help correct shoulder slumping and rounding, something that’s a chronic issue for any of us who work at a desk, and/or use a computer all day.

  19. Cameron P.

    This stuff actually works very well. My back feel so much better after putting this stuff on. I can feel the support on my back and definitely able to sit more upward without the slump look. Great product. Very happy with my purchase.

  20. Chris Cooney

    At work, me and my mates are always encouraging each other not to slouch while working in front of the computer but it does not seem to work. So I looked for something that could help me and found my way to this website. So far, my mates have noticed a positive change in my posture. Thanks.

  21. Tyson P.

    This posture support is very easy to use. The four steps on the front of the package are all you need to start using the product. I recommend if you’re looking for a better posture.

  22. Wendy Goodman

    First, this company has great customer service. I purchased two for my husband and son and they love them. The company sent a very helpful email with tips for using it and although it said to only wear it for a short while in the beginning, both of them said it was so comfortable that they never felt a muscle strain. You can’t see it under most shirts and even the nylon polo shirts which are pretty clingy hide it very well. Both recipients love it and have said they really feel it has made a difference in a short time. Highly recommend.

  23. Joseph F.

    Arrived on time. Fits my back well. Thanks.

  24. S. Caldwell

    Definitely effective and reasonably priced!

  25. Ethan Edgar

    Looked for a supplier of posture corrector locally here in Australia and found this website. Item arrived soon. Looking forward to slouching no more. Cheers!

  26. Jeremiah

    Very comfortable to wear and is secure in place even if I wear it while working.

  27. Hayden Nguyen

    As an adult, my posture is awful. I slouch my shoulders all the time. I no longer have my mother living with me to nag me all the time to pull my shoulders back! I wish I did at times because I had great posture as a kid. Now I have this!

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