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Coccyx Cushion

(4 customer reviews)



Posture and Coccyx Support Pillow is a great additional for wearable posture corrector devices. This reduces pressure on coccyx and tailbone while sitting for study or work. This is greatly recommended for people who spend a lot of time sitting. Gradually, this will help you alleviate the negative symptoms of bad posture, relieve lower back pain, and sitting discomfort.

With improved posture with the help of this pillow, you have more opportunities to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Why Buy Our Posture and Coccyx Support Pillow?

OVERALL POSTURE CORRECTION — an effective way to improve your whole body posture by helping you to have a proper spine alignment.

LOWER BACK PAIN RELIEF — tested and proven way to effectively relieve back pain by reducing pressure on the coccyx and tailbone while sitting.

RELAXING and COMFORTABLE — its high quality foam makes your sitting comfortable and relaxing.

DURABLE — shape retains after a long period of time.

DAILY  USE — can be used anytime, anywhere; suitable for cars and office chairs.

EASY TO CLEAN — machine washable.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Material — High Quality Foam
Purpose — Posture Correction and Back Support
Colour — Black, Grey, Blue, Purple, Bright Pink
Size — 45cm x 34cm x 7cm
Type — Brace/Orthosis
Texture — Soft and Comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does posture pillow help improve body posture?

Answer: By providing the necessary support to the specific parts of your body in order to maintain and/or correct your body posture. Gradually, using our posture pillows results to proper alignment of your body.

Question: How’s your product different from the others in the market?

Answer: We bring you high quality posture support pillow products that are functional, effective and durable.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

For further FAQs, please check this page.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

4 reviews for Coccyx Cushion

  1. Tyler

    I used this in my car for support for sciatica. The cushion looks nice, and it did provide the relief I need.

  2. Ella Colman

    This coccyx pillow has been perfect for keeping my back healthy. I have ruptured discs in my low back and discs that aren’t even there anymore so this pillow has really helped my pain level when I sit in my office chair or at the table. The pressure is relieved just enough to allow comfort sitting where before, I wasn’t at all comfortable in a dining room chair.

  3. Patrick Lyng

    I received my pillow today and so far I have relief when I sit. I was having to sit on the side of my hip because the pain as so bad. Tomorrow I will see how it does when I drive to work.

  4. J. Kingsford

    So far, it is very comfortable, and it is doing what it is supposed to do…taking the pressure off where I needed it most. Glad I purchased it!

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