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Pregnancy Pillow

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Sleep is always a vital part of the growth as human beings, so much more for pregnant women who are nurturing a life in them. Thus, with Pregnancy Pillow you are assured the safety and growth of the nurturer and child, giving them both a relaxing sleep.

Focusing comfort to the areas important for a great sleep for the mother and child, Pregnancy Pillow Australia is aesthetically and ergonomically designed as an inverted U-shape pillow to conform to the curvature of the mother. It further relieves pain and reduces body pressure making mums feel refreshed and energetic in the morning. Also a great investment for the future – it can also be a feeding pillow or a cushion for infants or toddler! Caring for your pregnancy pillow is easy with its removable and washable cover. Overall, it is designed to be a part of a nurturing and loving story between mum and child.

Why Buy Our Pregnancy Pillow

✔ BETTER AND MORE RELAXED SLEEP — good rest while the baby is on the way contributes to healthy fetal development; this will also make sure that the mum will have enough energy to carry on the next day to care for her and the baby.

✔ ALLEVIATES BODY PAINS — aches and pains associated with the growing weight of the belly can be relieved by this great sleeping aid, providing comfort and support during sleeping time to areas with greater stress during pregnancy.

✔ ENHANCED BLOOD CIRCULATION — recommended for pregnant women, side sleeping can promote blood circulation but may be uncomfortable due to the growing belly, and this is where the soft cushioning of a pregnancy pillow works best.

✔ ERGONOMIC DESIGN — specially designed to provide cushion to areas that need to be relaxed during sleep while cradling the belly just enough to make it comfortable for mum.

✔ VERSATILE EVEN AFTER DELIVERY — adaptable to other needs when the baby arrives, can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow so that latching is comfortable for both mum and baby.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Materials — High Quality Cotton and Fabric
Purpose — Comfort
Colour — Pink, Blue, Brown
Dimensions — 140cm x 80cm
Net Weight — 2.5kgs
Texture — Soft

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can our pregnancy pillow give you?

Answer: Our pregnancy pillow is intended to provide support, comfort, and security for mums in various sleeping positions and their bumps, most especially for those who are used to sleeping on their stomach and back.

Question: How’s your pillow products different from the others in the market?

Answer:  Our pillows are made with high quality materials and are carefully chosen to meet your comfort needs. Whether you are looking for a bamboo pillow, pregnancy pillow, knee pillow, leg pillow, pillow pad, or any standard pillow, we all have that for you.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

See more of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg

4 reviews for Pregnancy Pillow

  1. Astrid G.

    Despite it’s size, it is very portable. Thanks!

  2. Emily

    This pillow did not disappoint! It’s so practical to use and makes my sleep so much better by making my sleeping position alright. My husband complains about the size though, but I know he understands that this is for the baby. I am looking forward to using this even until after the baby comes out.

  3. Annie Garcia

    Thank you for the pillow. My baby and I are comfortable when we sleep at night. I even catch my husband leaning on my pregnancy pillow, too.

  4. Bryan A.

    My wife loved my gift for her and the baby. I noticed that she’s been waking up at night complaining about how she can’t seem to find the right position to sleep comfortably. I read that this specially designed pillow makes sleeping more comfortable for pregnant women. I’m glad my wife likes it as it made her sleep undisturbed by her discomfort.

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