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Pregnancy Pillow – Pillowcase (Pillowcase Cover Only)

(4 customer reviews)


Pillowcase Only. Buy the Pregnancy Pillow here | Free Postage Australia


Our Pregnancy Pillow – Pillowcase, specially designed to provide ultimate comfort and support for expectant mothers. Made with care and attention to detail, this U Shape pillowcase is compatible with our Pregnancy Pillow, to help improve your overall sleeping experience and ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Enjoy the additional support and comfort during your pregnancy with the Pregnancy Pillow – Pillowcase. Have a well-earned rest, then awaken feeling refreshed and nurture your baby with each new day.

Sleep peacefully and take care of yourself for you and your baby’s well-being.

Why Buy Our Pregnancy Pillow – Pillowcase

✔ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL — made with soft, breathable and durable cotton that is kind to skin and touch.

✔ EASY TO CLEAN — machine-washable, for practical cleaning and freshness.

✔ STYLISH AND VERSATILE — comes in a wide range of colours that can be interchanged depending on your mood or room decour motif.

✔ ENHANCED COMFORT — contributes to a cool, pleasant sleeping environment with its soft, smooth texture, encouraging relaxation and adequate ventilation.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product
Materials — High Quality Cotton and Fabric
Purpose — Comfort
Colour — Pink, Blue, Brown, Blue
Dimensions — 140cm x 80cm
Texture — Soft

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can our pregnancy pillow give you?

Answer: Our pregnancy pillow is intended to provide support, comfort, and security for mums in various sleeping positions and their bumps, most especially for those who are used to sleeping on their stomach and back.

Question: How’s your pillow products different from the others in the market?

Answer:  Our pillows are made with high quality materials and are carefully chosen to meet your comfort needs. Whether you are looking for a bamboo pillow, pregnancy pillow, knee pillow, leg pillow, pillow pad, or any standard pillow, we all have that for you.

Question: How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer: Our customers generally receive their items within five (5) business days. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

See more of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

4 reviews for Pregnancy Pillow – Pillowcase (Pillowcase Cover Only)

  1. R. Ashton

    Made from textile that is quite comfy. I bought it as spare for the U shape pillow they also offer on the website. It is really simple to put on and take off and fits well. Could use some more colours to choose from.

  2. Ali Nolan

    Cool and crisp against the skin.

  3. Noelle Stevens

    My third purchase! In a different colour this time!

  4. Matthia M

    I own two pillowcases that I bought with the pregnancy pillow. I change the pillowcase colour depending on the colour of my sheets.

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