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Smart Posture Corrector



Transform your posture and enhance your wellbeing with our Smart Posture Corrector. Designed for those who spend long hours at work or studying, this innovative back brace uses a smart sensor to promote optimal spinal alignment.

Featuring an ergonomic 8-shaped design, it comfortably fits the contours of your body, providing adjustable, snug support without restriction. With a long-lasting 400mAh rechargeable battery, enjoy up to 15 days of posture correction on a single charge. The LED display and vibration reminder intuitively alert you when your posture deviates, encouraging consistent improvement. Say goodbye to slouched shoulders and hunchback posture with this sleek, effective solution.

Why Buy Our Smart Posture Corrector?

POSTURE IMPROVEMENT — Corrects hunchback and slouching, reshaping your body line and eliminating discomfort.
ERGONOMIC COMFORT — The 8-shaped design and adjustable fit ensure comfort and freedom of movement throughout the day.
SHOULDER EXPANSION — Gently expands the shoulders, further correcting posture and enhancing your physical appearance.
LONG-LASTING BATTERY — Up to 15 days of posture support on a single hour’s charge, for consistent, everyday use.

Item Specifications:

Condition — Brand New Product

Item Type: Braces & Supports
Application: Back
Product Main Material: ABS
Color: Black
Package Size: 158x134x40mm
Product Gross Weight: 80g
Battery: 400mAh Rechargeable

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:How does the Smart Posture Corrector improve posture?
Answer: It gently reminds you to adjust your posture through smart sensor technology, promoting spinal health and correcting slouching.

Question:Is it comfortable for all-day wear?
Answer: Its ergonomic design and adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit that adapts to your body without restricting movement.

Question:How long does the battery last?
Answer: After a quick one-hour charge, the battery lasts up to 15 days, offering consistent posture correction.

Question:Can the posture corrector be worn under clothes?
Answer: Its sleek design allows it to be discreetly worn under most clothing without being noticeable.

Question:How does the vibration reminder work?
Answer: The device vibrates when it detects a curvature angle exceeding 25 degrees, reminding you to correct your posture.

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