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What Is A Bamboo Pillow?

It takes its name from the material the casing of the pillow is made of –bamboo. Bamboo fibers are used as a material for the textile used in the casing while the filling is shredded memory foam.

Bamboo pillows come in varying shapes and sizes but the more popular is similarly sized and shaped to the conventional bed pillows. A bamboo pillow casing is removable and washable, which can be done manually or using a machine set in delicate mode. Learn more.

What Is A Knee Pillow?

It is a specialty pillow specifically designed to conform to the shape and form of the area between the knees. When placed between the knees, it helps align the spine, all the way to the hips, preventing unnecessary headache and body pains. It also comfortably supports the body joints and muscles.

It is an innovative pillow featuring a well-designed cushion to help you be comfortable as you sleep. Along with the breathable cover, it helps heal sore muscles by naturally aligning the core when sleeping. All these give you an energized sleep, pumped up for the next day’s activities. Learn more.

What Is A Maternity or Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a specially designed sleeping aid made to adapt and suit the contours and curves of a mum’s body that changes throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

To provide the appropriate cushion for comfort, a pregnancy pillow is larger than conventional rectangular pillows, as well as differ in shape so that it can secure the body properly. This can help prevent body aches throughout the night and even after waking up and give the body a great rest from bearing the weight of the growing baby. Learn more.