A bamboo pillow takes its name from the material the casing of the pillow is made of –bamboo. Bamboo fibers are used as a material for the textile used in the casing while the filling is shredded memory foam.

Bamboo pillows come in varying shapes and sizes but the more popular is similarly sized and shaped to the conventional bed pillows. A bamboo pillow casing is removable and washable, which can be done manually or using a machine set in delicate mode.

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How Does A Bamboo Pillow Work?

The bamboo pillow provides both comfort and support, just how we expect our bed pillows to be, and so much more. The casing finish has a smooth texture that encourages prolonged periods of resting so that your body can relax properly. The memory foam filling makes it even better as it conforms to the natural contour of the head and neck, or any other body part you would like to use this great pillow.

The breathability of a bamboo pillow is more efficient than other materials, all thanks to the woven bamboo fibers. The fibers have the ability to keep the pillow surface cool on warmer climates and the other way around on colder months. Also, the memory foam allows easy airflow making it ideal for use even on warm nights.

Because of the bamboo’s natural characteristics that are beneficial, minimal processing has been done to the fibers, making the final pillow casing hypoallergenic, on top the pillow being so much comfortable. Sleeping without having difficulty in breathing due to allergies can make a big difference. Not only that, bamboo pillow is naturally antimicrobial as well so it is sure that germs will not linger on the pillow, as long as regular washing is done.

What Can Our Bamboo Pillow Give You?

A bamboo pillow is intended to make sleep better and deeper for a more energised body the next day.

A bamboo pillow is made from materials that are temperature sensitive and are adaptive to the changing weather so it can be used throughout the year. Additionally, it is a great alternative because it is naturally hypoallergenic and has antimicrobial properties.

Adding to the great benefits that is owed to the plant material base, a bamboo pillow will surely provide a great sleeping experience as it is ergonomic and comfortably follows the contour of the head and neck or the body.

Why Choose Our Bamboo Pillow?

Among other things in the bed, the choice for a bed pillow can largely affect the quality of sleep. Why not choose a great pillow just like a bamboo pillow?

Bamboo pillows are a great alternative for a bed pillow. They are highly absorbent so sweat and odours do not need to be a problem through the night. Not only that, the high breathability of bamboo fibers aid in regulating pillow surface temperature making it cool on warmer nights and warm during colder months.

Additionally, allergic reactions can be mitigated by bamboo pillows as well, as the fibers that make the fabric weave are recalcitrant to dust mites, molds and mildews.

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