A Maternity or Pregnancy Pillow is a specially designed sleeping aid made to adapt and suit the contours and curves of a mum’s body that changes throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

To provide the appropriate cushion for comfort, a pregnancy pillow is larger than conventional rectangular pillows, as well as differ in shape so that it can secure the body properly. This can help prevent body aches throughout the night and even after waking up and give the body a great rest from bearing the weight of the growing baby.

How Does A Pregnancy Pillow Work?

Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow even early into the pregnancy replaces the need for multiple pillows to support the head, neck, back, hips, knees and legs – crucial areas which may feel some discomfort because of the growing weight in the belly.

An effective pregnancy pillow helps maintain a good sleeping position: knees bent towards the chest for better body balance and aligned spine. It also prevents the arms from bearing the body weight which can lead to cramps and disturbed sleep, as well as cradle the bump and reduce possible swelling on the legs.

Overall, it supports both the front and back when side sleeping, avoiding the need to place multiple pillows around which can get separate from the body.

Comfortable side sleeping lowers the risk associated with restricted blood flow and difficulty in breathing, ensuring a good night’s rest that is beneficial for the mum and the baby, and this can be achieved with the use of a pregnancy pillow.

What Can Our Pregnancy Pillow Give You?

A pregnancy pillow is intended to provide support, comfort, and security for mums in various sleeping positions and their bumps, most especially for those who are used to sleeping on their stomach and back. With the growing baby bump, stomach sleeping is not an option anymore; back sleeping is also discouraged along the pregnancy since it can impede flow of blood to the baby. Side sleeping is most encouraged for pregnant women but this can also be straining for the hips and back.

With its size, a pregnancy pillow targets all pressure-bearing areas making it more comfortable and secure for both the mum and the growing bump.

While a pregnancy pillow is designed as a sleeping aid for pregnant women, they can be adaptable and used in many other ways throughout motherhood, such as breastfeeding pillow support.

Why Choose Our Pregnancy Pillow

Changing sleeping patterns coupled with bodily changes during pregnancy can be taxing for the mum. On top of this, growing the baby healthily is the utmost priority for expectant mothers so any activity that can be adjusted to ensure this must be done – including adjustments involving sleeping.

Having the right pillow can provide a more convenient sleeping environment for mums so that resting the body that supports the growing baby’s weight can be ideal. As a result, it is expected that mums will not feel the discomfort especially when they wake up.

Our pregnancy pillows are appropriate in shape to conform to the changing contour of every mum’s beautiful body. It also promotes side sleeping that is both beneficial for mum’s better breathing and prevention of body sores through the night.

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